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Comparing NAFTA & USMCA Webinar

Materials download will availablethis class does not include a reference book. 

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Webinar-Nov 5 (11am-2:30 CT)$245.00 USD
Webinar-Nov 26 (9am-12:30 CT)$245.00 USD

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Featured Webinar
NAFTA, Now USMCA And The Changes It Brings

Date:     November 5, 2018            
11:00 am - 2:30 pm Central Time
Price: $245 per person
Instructor:  John Goodrich

Date:     November 26, 2018            
9:00 am - 12:30 pm Central Time
Price: $245 per person
Instructor:  John Goodrich


How is USMCA going to impact your business?

NAFTA will soon be replaced by USMCA. Learn what the new changes to the proposed agreement mean for you and how it will affect your current NAFTA process. USMCA is set to be signed by the end of the year and sent to their respective governments for approval. Meanwhile you should get a head start to learn how the proposed changes will impact the way you do business. While some will have little impact, others may have to possibly change their supply chain to continue to benefit under the new agreement.

This is not an information session but rather training that will take you through the changes and how we see the differences in the two agreements.

Join us for a half day training on the USMCA. You should have knowledge of NAFTA as the intention of this training is not to teach the fundamentals or rules and procedures but to rather compare and contrast between the two and provide knowledge that you can use to begin preparing for the changes.

This is a specialty class that is only being offered for a short period. This class does not include a reference book. Attendees will receive the electronic documentation and Certificate of Completion. 

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